• Edward A. Montag

    Chief Executive Officer

    As Chief Executive Officer of MONTAG, Ned has overall managerial responsibility for the firm.  He joined the firm in 1996 and in 2009 became CEO.

    Ned’s managerial expertise, particularly in the family business context, was forged during his years as a member of the staff of  the Family Business Forum in the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University.


  • John L. Montag

    President, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

    John joined MONTAG in 1995 and became CIO and President in 2009. He is responsible for research oversight at MONTAG and many of the firm’s day-to-day investment assignments.

    As Chief Investment Officer, John oversees the firm’s investment research  and serves as its lead portfolio manager, working directly for a number of clients.  John employs a comprehensive approach blending investment issues, legal and accounting concerns, lifestyle considerations and philanthropic interests.


  • L. Anthony Montag


    Tony founded MONTAG in 1982. His experience as an investment counselor dates back to 1960 when he became a member of another Atlanta investment firm his father founded in 1945.

    As an active member of the MONTAG investment team, Tony conducts equity research, participates in bond portfolio management and mentors our firm’s investment professionals. His career-long reputation of earning trust, giving effective investment advice, and building and maintaining strong relationships defines MONTAG today. His unwavering commitment to client service drives the work of everyone in our firm. (more…)

  • Jeffrey Harari

    Chief Financial Officer

    As Chief Financial Officer, Jeff manages the financial and administrative operations at MONTAG. He also assists with the planning and support of strategic planning initiatives designed for developing and growing the firm.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2011, Jeff began his career as a CPA at a national public accounting firm in New York City where he audited hedge funds and other private investment companies. From there, he furthered his investment industry experience with the finance group of a hedge fund-of-funds before relocating to Atlanta. (more…)

  • Joseph B. Foley

    Senior Portfolio Manager

    Joe manages portfolios for individuals and families and conducts equity research. He employs an investment style focused on attractive market pricing compared to the intrinsic value of securities.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2004, Joe spent 20 years in the investment division of SunTrust Bank, first as head of the Family Wealth Group of Atlanta and then as Managed Equities Director. He was selected to design and manage one of five equity investment style disciplines that was implemented throughout SunTrust’s Personal Asset Management Division. (more…)

  • Thomas Frisbie

    Senior Portfolio Manager

    Tom manages portfolios for individuals and families and plays a lead role in research and stock selection. He focuses on financially strong, competitively advantaged companies whose growth should be enhanced by long-term, sustainable economic trends.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2003, Tom worked at First Atlanta Bank (now Wells Fargo) for six years, followed by a 20-year career in investment management at SunTrust Bank. During his career at SunTrust, Tom developed an investment style noted for its application of macroeconomic analysis. He successfully managed a number of significant trust department client relationships for the bank. (more…)

  • Chris Guinther

    Portfolio Manager

    Chris is a portfolio manager, and he leads the equity research and market strategy initiatives at MONTAG.  His areas of expertise include both stocks and bonds, with a particular focus on technology and other growth stocks.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2018, Chris was the Chief Investment Officer and founding partner of an institutional investment firm in Atlanta. Previously, he served as lead portfolio manager overseeing small and midcap growth equity mutual funds. Chris is an active investor in his personal life, with additional experience in real estate holdings, franchises, and small businesses. He believes his broad experience will help MONTAG clients whose wealth has been cultivated in similar ways over the years.


  • Benjamin S. Harris

    Senior Portfolio Manager

    Ben manages portfolios for individuals, families and institutions, and conducts equity research. With a long-term investment focus, he employs a blend of fundamental and macroeconomic analysis in selecting securities for client portfolios.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2013, Ben led a team of specialists for the Southeast Region of Wilmington Trust Investment Management where he managed investment portfolios for individual and institutional clients. His work there focused on risk mitigation strategies using derivatives and other hedging techniques. (more…)

  • H. Mikell Jones

    Senior Portfolio Manager

    Mike manages portfolios for individuals and families and is significantly involved with professional staff training and equity research. His work is informed by the principle of always doubting the investments that others are sure about. It is also guided by the principle of avoiding the tyranny of inflated investment expectations.

    He joined MONTAG in 1984, and has over 50 years of investment experience. Mike is frequently involved in generational transition matters and estate planning for clients. Prior to MONTAG, he spent nearly 20 years with SunTrust Bank where he was responsible for a $400 million trust and estate unit. (more…)

  • Olga Lee

    Portfolio Manager

    Olga manages portfolios for individuals and families, and spends a significant amount of her time on investment analysis.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2006, Olga spent seven years at SunTrust Bank as a portfolio manager and equity research analyst in the value-style discipline. (more…)

  • Randy Loving

    Portfolio Manager

    Randy manages portfolios for individuals, families and institutions, and devotes much of his time to investment analysis.

    Randy has worked in the investments field for 18 years. Prior to joining MONTAG, Randy was a Sector Portfolio Manager for RidgeWorth Investments. His responsibilities included management of the technology and financial sectors. In addition, Randy spent eight years at SunTrust as both an Equity Analyst and Portfolio Manager in the Personal Asset Management group. Randy began his career at The Northern Trust in Chicago.


  • Christine R. Quillian

    Portfolio Manager

    Christine manages portfolios for individuals, families and institutions, and devotes much of her time to investment research. She uses macroeconomics and industry-specific analyses to identify strong businesses that are attractively priced.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2010, Christine regularly contributed to the quantitative analysis and macroeconomic research at a Chicago-based investment firm. She began her career at SunTrust Bank where she co-led a top-down equity specialization practice. (more…)

  • Kent Shaw

    Portfolio Manager

    Kent joined the firm in December 2013. In addition to his work as a portfolio manager, he plays an important role as an equity analyst, employing principles of fundamental “bottom-up” analysis in his work.

    Prior to joining MONTAG, Kent was a senior analyst and partner at Buckhead Capital Management in Atlanta. There, he specialized in small- and mid-cap value stock analysis, while contributing to portfolio management. He also spent a number of years at Wachovia Bank as a financial advisor and currency trader. Kent’s academic interest is whetted each year at his alma mater, Wake Forest, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate classes on equity analysis. (more…)

  • Marianne Rones Shutzberg

    Fixed Income Manager

    Marianne joined MONTAG in 1982. She is second only to Tony Montag, our founder, in tenure with the firm.

    As one of the most experienced bond managers in the region, Marianne oversees all bond management, trading and research at MONTAG. With over one-third of client assets invested in fixed-income securities, she maintains active trading relationships with several regional and national investment banks. (more…)

  • Brendan Wagner

    Portfolio Manager

    Brendan joined MONTAG in 2017.  He manages portfolios for individuals and families, and spends a significant amount of time on equity research.  He attempts to understand the qualitative aspects of a business’s culture, processes and end market stability that enable it to deliver strong returns for their shareholders. He is wary of widespread consensus and accepted truths, and looks to own companies that will protect and grow our capital despite unknowable future challenges.

    Prior to joining the firm he managed equity and fixed income portfolios for families at Gratus Capital and Spectrum Advisory Services in Atlanta. (more…)


  • Jackie Montag

    Business Development and Client Relations Manager

    Jackie manages select business development and client relations activities for MONTAG. She has been with the firm on a full-time basis since 1986 and has developed several initiatives, including the semi-annual program Facts & Finances for Women. Much of Jackie’s work includes building relationships with local institutions, key clients and intermediaries.

    An extraordinary community volunteer, Jackie has been recognized by many community organizations for her commitment, work and leadership. (more…)

  • Steve Whittington

    Business Development Director

    Steve directs the business development initiatives at MONTAG, in an effort to grow the firm’s assets under management and to develop existing and new relationships with various referral sources, as well as to help evolve the firm’s marketing program.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2016, Steve spent ten years in the enterprise valuation industry, where he valued private companies for gift and estate and merger and acquisition purposes, as well as running the employee stock ownership (ESOP) practice line for valuation firms in Atlanta and New York City.  Steve began his career in the investment management field for SunTrust Bank’s Personal Asset Management Division. (more…)

  • Larry Mendel

    Vice President of Sales

    Larry has principal responsibility for developing the number and quality of relationships to help grow the firm’s client base. His focus is on finding new business opportunities through spending time with current clients, acknowledged prospects, and qualified intermediaries.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2016, Larry spent five years as Principal and Co-Founder of a local RIA firm, which has since merged with another firm in Texas. In the years before starting his firm, Larry spent 27 years with Davis, Mendel and Regenstein, Inc. — a broker dealer for Ned Davis Research, Inc. At NDR, Larry served more than 120 institutional firms while becoming a Managing Director. His strong client relationships led him to become one of the top sales representatives in the firm. Coincidentally, Larry was the client representative that covered MONTAG for many years.


  • Bill Lee


    Bill joined the MONTAG team as our Director of Marketing Operations in 2017.  He is responsible for ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated marketing effort, working closely with the firm’s new Business Development Team.  He administers the firm’s website and other media presence, in addition to preparing and updating  marketing communications and presentations. An additional area of responsibility relates to planning and executing MONTAG’s active calendar of meetings and events.

    Previously, Bill served as Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director at another Atlanta-based RIA. Prior industry experience was on the “sell-side”, where he was an institutional stockbroker providing trading and independent research services to pension funds, foundations, endowments, and professional investment advisers.  Other entrepreneurial endeavors have included commercial real estate activities including brokerage, ownership, and management of commercial properties. (more…)

Client Service Team

  • Pamela Couch

    Senior Administrator

    Pamela has been with MONTAG since 1985, occupying a solid third place in tenure with the firm. She is primarily responsible for managing the office, accounts payable and receivable, and human resources. Pamela also plays a significant role in office operations.

    When not at the office, Pamela enjoys spending time with her son, Scott, her grandson and her two retrievers, Roxy and Sox. She loves cooking, hosting family get-togethers, sewing, quilting and reading. (more…)

  • Stacey H. Godwin

    Chief Compliance Officer

    Stacey has primary responsibility for the firm’s compliance program. As CCO, she also participates in overall firm management and steering matters.

    A MONTAG staff member since 1998, Stacey has served in various capacities over the years leading up to her current role. Her experience includes managing the client service team, client reporting, performance analytics, office technology, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the firm.


  • Jill L. Bourland

    Portfolio Administrator

    Jill has primary responsibility for client service and portfolio administration. She provides comprehensive client support, which includes responding to client requests and processing account openings, transfers, and distributions.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 1998, Jill spent eight years in the investment industry as a client service specialist, serving as a liaison between investment professionals and clients. (more…)

  • Mary Carol Joy

    Trading and Portfolio Administrator

    Mary Carol (MC) is responsible for the equity trading at Montag, including stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), & mutual funds. She also provides portfolio administration and client service support.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2018, MC worked as the Operations Manager of a financial planning practice in Dunwoody, GA. She began her career as a Sales Assistant on the Institutional Fixed Income desk of Bear Stearns/JP Morgan in Atlanta, where she facilitated fixed income and equity trading in addition to managing accounts for institutional and high net worth clientele.


  • Quita Liu

    Technology Coordinator

    Quita is responsible for coordinating new technology adoptions across all stages, from planning to implementation, and ensures smooth operation of technology for all users.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2019, Quita began her career at SunTrust Banks, Inc. as a Portfolio Specialist then continued on to become a centralized trader, where she maintained and traded centralized investment models in various trading systems. Most recently, Quita was as a Senior Consultant with Aon’s Delegated Services operations team. There, she led a team responsible for the onboarding and daily monitoring of company pension and 401(k) plans.


  • Barbara Macinnes

    Portfolio Administrator

    Barbara’s principal responsibilities include client service and portfolio administration. She also coordinates quarterly investment reporting to our clients.

    Before joining MONTAG in 2006, Barbara served for 15 years as business manager and corporate secretary of Howe & Rusling, the oldest Registered Investment Advisor in Rochester, New York. (more…)

  • Lourdes Mendez

    Reporting Analyst

    Lourdes examines the unique needs and concerns of MONTAG to develop relevant practices and procedures for preparing business reports. This includes creating and maintaining efficient and secure systems for recording data and producing relevant documentation, and properly utilizing report data.

    Prior to joining MONTAG in 2015, Lourdes spent 13 years at Northern Trust as an Investment Analyst and Senior Investment Associate. (more…)

  • David Nesbitt

    Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

    David is likely the first person you will meet at MONTAG. He welcomes visitors, maintains security and issues visitor badges, maintains the telecommunication system, maintains continuity among work teams, and contributes to the overall team effort.

    Prior to joining MONTAG, David spent 14 years as Office Manager for a dental practice. (more…)

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