Building success through real relationships

Wealth is more than money, property, or stocks. It’s the feeling of security that comes with knowing you have the means to not only endure life’s uncertainties, but to prevail over them. It’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing your children—and their children—will see the benefits of your hard work for decades to come. It’s the satisfaction of watching your investments thrive and benefit future generations.

We believe that success is built through authentic personal relationships. Whether it’s helping a trustee determine a sound investment strategy or helping an entrepreneur figure out when and where she’ll retire, we believe that when it comes to wealth management, our clients deserve personalized and collaborative solutions.

Our Clients

individuals & families

Individuals & Families

We focus on wealth preservation, lifestyle support, and portfolio growth for you as well as your loved ones.

foundations & endowments


Working with organizations includes a focus on aligning the organization’s investment portfolio allocation with its projected needs for current and future projects.


At MONTAG, we’ve been successfully investing for generations, helping our clients meet their goals. We’ll help you do the same.