• Will Employees Return to Work?

    Much has been made of the labor shortage in the pandemic era. Many economists predicted that unemployment would decrease with the expiration of the extended unemployment benefits. While claims…

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  • Sweet Surprise Pecan Pie Recipe

    On this “Thanksgiving Eve,” MONTAG takes a minute to share an old family recipe for delicious Pecan Pie…

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  • Acquisitions Good & Bad, Part 2

    This week we will review another type of acquisition that I often refer to as “pre-paid R&D” — where a company acquires another in order to access the target’s…

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    It’s getting to be ‘that time’ again… With the changing color of the leaves, we know the year 2021 is...

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  • Lemonade Stand

    Take a moment to join us as our latest “A Minute With MONTAG” considers the ‘lighter side’ of today’s world…

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