Charitable Giving and Tax Planning

by JACKSON KEENAN, CFP®, DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL PLANNING As we enter the season of charitable giving, it is important to match your desire for making a difference while also being thoughtful with your tax planning.  Many of our clients have … Read More

Tax Benefits of an Overfunded 529 Plan

By Jackson Keenan, CFP®, Director of Financial Planning Last month, I reviewed ways high-income earners can plan for education expenses. One of the preferred methods is a 529 Education Savings Plan. To recap, a 529 plan: Allows you to save … Read More

Revocable Trusts

Guest Blog By: Shelly Donaldson, VP of Business Development, Cumberland Trust We are now in the thick of the holiday season. A time when kids trick-or-treat and then families come together for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas. When most people think … Read More

The Evolution of MONTAG Wealth

As one might expect, the passing of 40 years since the early days of MONTAG Wealth has seen a great deal of evolution – in markets, technology, the investment industry at large, and within the MONTAG firm itself.  A lot … Read More

Unpacking Q3 Stock Market Volatility

BY KENT SHAW, Portfolio Manager Volatility in the stock market and the often associated news stories that sound increasingly gloomy can be unnerving. Our aim is to reduce our clients’ need to consume such information so they can be freed … Read More

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