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The Evolution of MONTAG Wealth

As one might expect, the passing of 40 years since the early days of MONTAG Wealth has seen a great deal of evolution – in markets, technology, the investment industry at large, and within the MONTAG firm itself.  A lot … Read More

Unpacking Q3 Stock Market Volatility

BY KENT SHAW, Portfolio Manager Volatility in the stock market and the often associated news stories that sound increasingly gloomy can be unnerving. Our aim is to reduce our clients’ need to consume such information so they can be freed … Read More

Muni Mania

AMY CARCIONE, CFA Since the start of 2022, we have witnessed a significant surge in municipal bond yields. This spike in yields has lured investors looking for tax-exempt income back into the municipal market. Most recently, an average 10-year municipal … Read More