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We apply our experience and best judgment to protect and grow our clients’ capital.
And we do this through a truly individualized approach to investment management.





Wealth Preservation

Wealth management begins here. We design and manage your portfolios guided by the core principle that capital preservation is essential.



lifestyle support

Many of our clients rely on their portfolios to maintain their lifestyles. We work closely with you to understand your needs and meet your investment objectives for sustainable support.


Portfolio growth

Successful wealth management builds your capital and enhances your financial security. We employ investment techniques for our clients designed to achieve annual portfolio growth, net of inflation and portfolio withdrawals.


For more than 35 years, we have assisted individuals and families in meeting their investment objectives and needs by preserving and growing their financial assets, while carefully managing risk.”

— Ned Montag, Chief Executive Officer


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We understand the fiduciary obligation of foundation and endowment trustees to maintain capital preservation among generations. Our investment professionals work closely with them to design portfolios for long-term asset preservation.


Portfolio Income for
CURRENT support

Our institutional clients rely on their investment portfolios for cash distributions to finance current operations. We structure their portfolios accordingly, taking into account risk and return dynamics.


Portfolio growth

Portfolio growth sustains asset purchasing power. We manage our institutional clients’ portfolios by looking beyond short-term market swings, focusing on preservation of asset purchasing power through long-term portfolio growth.


The endowments of most of our institutional clients are absolutely mission critical. We manage each endowment with this at top-of-mind.”

– John Montag, President and Chief Investment Officer

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