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Events in Ukraine

EDTIOR’S NOTE: MONTAG has followed the troubling events in Europe of recent weeks with concern. As an investment firm, it is MONTAG’s responsibility to focus on securities markets, prices, changes in valuation, and other factors during uncertain times. However, that’s … Read More

Monday was a busy day…

BY RANDY LOVING, CFA The 18th of October was a big day for semiconductor chips and computing.  Apple (NASDAQ:  AAPL) released its new Mac computer line up that will be based on a chip design licensed from Arm Holdings.  This … Read More

Lasting Benefits

BY RANDY LOVING, CFA Companies got very creative during the pandemic at using technology – usually a well-designed app – to keep people buying their product whether they were selling chicken wings or used cars.  The last 18 months have … Read More

Just Two Things…

BY RANDY LOVING, CFA It takes 12 to 18 months for any form of stimulus – tax cuts, increased government spending, or direct payments – to work fully through the economy. The US and the rest of the world are … Read More

The Roaring ’20s

BY RANDY LOVING, CFA The United States is now administering a little over 1.1 million vaccine doses per day. That’s pretty remarkable given we were only giving out about 450,000 at the beginning of the month. Based on comments about … Read More

That’s a lot of cash

BY RANDY LOVING, CFA Public companies have about $2.55 trillion on their balance sheets right now. That’s up over 30% from about $1.9 trillion at the beginning of 2020. Businesses are not the only ones who are flush. Consumer have cash building … Read More

Lining Up the Shot(s)

BY RANDY LOVING, CFA   As the world’s greatest race to develop a vaccine for coronavirus is entering its final phase, we are starting to see preparations for distributing the vaccine. Near the end of August the Centers for Disease … Read More

The Pandemic Pivot

BY RANDY LOVING, CFA Imagine the potential rebound if we get a vaccine… Large companies wasted no time in reacting to the Coronavirus pandemic. Some companies – Amazon and PayPal for example – did not have to change a thing … Read More

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