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Market Observations Q3, 2023

By CHRIS GUINTHER, SENIOR INVESTMENT STRATEGIST & PORTFOLIO MANAGER Through September 30th, the returns for the various indices are as follows: As the market returns did weaken for the quarter, the major indices are still on the positive side for … Read More

Strategic Asset Allocation: The Big Picture

  When thinking about investing, we often think about sector allocation, security selection, growth vs. value and such.  But there is an important over-arching question that many believe to be the most determinant factor in ultimate results… that factor is … Read More

The MONTAG Wealth Management Culture

  “Culture” is a word that is heard often by those reflecting on MONTAG Wealth Management’s past 40 years.  An academic definition of culture refers to “the set of behavioral and procedural norms that can be observed within a company.”  … Read More

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