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Muni Mania

AMY CARCIONE, CFA Since the start of 2022, we have witnessed a significant surge in municipal bond yields. This spike in yields has lured investors looking for tax-exempt income back into the municipal market. Most recently, an average 10-year municipal … Read More

Hamlet’s Duplex

Celebrated New Yorker Magazine Editor and cartoonist Bob Mankoff employs some Shakespearean humor…       “Hamlet’s Duplex” – Second floor hallway, 2 apartment doors visible, one marked “2B” and the other “Not 2B”    

Returns in Times of War

A little over a month ago, Russia invaded Ukraine; surely stocks are down and bonds are up since then, right?  Not quite.   The information provided is for illustration purposes only.  It is not, and should not be regarded as … Read More

Disaffected Dogs

It’s important to balance these days’ worrisome headlines with a little dose of humor…       Two dogs walking down a neighborhood sidewalk, one saying to the other – “It’s always ‘Sit,’ ‘Stay,’ ‘Heel’ — never ‘Think,’ ‘Innovate,’ ‘Be … Read More

Unpacking Recent Market Moves

BY BRENDAN WAGNER, Portfolio Manager The Russia-Ukraine situation is of course top of mind for humanitarian reasons, but in this note we also explore other reasons for market moves in the first two+ months of 2022. Market expectations of aggressive … Read More

Events in Ukraine

EDTIOR’S NOTE: MONTAG has followed the troubling events in Europe of recent weeks with concern. As an investment firm, it is MONTAG’s responsibility to focus on securities markets, prices, changes in valuation, and other factors during uncertain times. However, that’s … Read More

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