The MONTAG Wealth Management Culture


“Culture” is a word that is heard often by those reflecting on MONTAG Wealth Management's past 40 years.  An academic definition of culture refers to “the set of behavioral and procedural norms that can be observed within a company.”  They include its policies, procedures, ethics, values, employee behaviors and attitudes, goals, and code of conduct.

Not surprisingly, a central part of MONTAG’s culture relates to being a family-owned business.  This video features 4 family members, founders Tony and Jackie Montag, and brothers Ned and John Montag.  But of equal weight are the voices of portfolio manager Olga Lee, long-tenured staff member Pam Couch, CFO Jeff Harari, VP of Sales Larry Mendel, and senior administrator Stacey Godwin.  Each adds their own take on the special culture MONTAG team members experience and reinforce over the years, as “We walk and talk these values.”  

It quickly becomes apparent that the firm recognizes the human effort, and the emotional component, of the work we do for clients.  Maintaining and allowing for the dignity of people is a core value.  But there’s room for fun, too — MONTAG has always prized brevity and levity, the latter of which is best evidenced by the firm’s long tradition of using New Yorker-style cartoons.   

Spend a few minutes to hear about MONTAG Wealth Management's culture from family members and long-time staff.



    At MONTAG, we do things differently. We‘ve been a family-run business for nearly 40 years, and we still believe that our clients are best served by treating them as part of that family. We take the time to get to know you – what you’ve done to build your net worth, your investment philosophy, your financial questions and fears, and above all, your financial hopes. Every single client has their own unique story — a story that deserves more than a conversation with an anonymous voice. Contact our Business Development team today by calling 404.522.5774 or emailing [email protected] to get in touch.