Have you ever been in a meeting like this?       Boss from the head of the meeting table, pointing to a woman as others look on:  “Yes!  That’s exactly what I was going to think.”    

Hamlet’s Duplex

Celebrated New Yorker Magazine Editor and cartoonist Bob Mankoff employs some Shakespearean humor…       “Hamlet’s Duplex” – Second floor hallway, 2 apartment doors visible, one marked “2B” and the other “Not 2B”    

Returns in Times of War

A little over a month ago, Russia invaded Ukraine; surely stocks are down and bonds are up since then, right?  Not quite.   The information provided is for illustration purposes only.  It is not, and should not be regarded as … Read More

Disaffected Dogs

It’s important to balance these days’ worrisome headlines with a little dose of humor…       Two dogs walking down a neighborhood sidewalk, one saying to the other – “It’s always ‘Sit,’ ‘Stay,’ ‘Heel’ — never ‘Think,’ ‘Innovate,’ ‘Be … Read More

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