The History of MONTAG Wealth Management in Atlanta

“I decided to start MONTAG to lengthen my life,” remembers founder Tony Montag. His dream was to make it through the difficult first three years of any new business. 

The History of MONTAG Wealth Management in Atlanta

With the hindsight of 40 successful years behind him, Tony’s dream has come true!  He notes that he and his wife and co-cofounder Jackie Montag had already raised four children, so their teamwork aspect was well in place by the firm’s founding in 1982.


Exploring his father’s motivation to live longer by starting this business, now-CEO Ned Montag identifies with that notion: “You get to choose who you spend your days with — that’s the real currency of life.”


The husband-and-wife co-founders’ respective roles became apparent from the beginning:  Tony ran the shop and focused on his love of investing.  Jackie’s job was to circulate among the community — which came naturally to her — and to represent the family and the young firm.  She championed a new idea:  A semi-annual seminar aimed at women, believing that for too long “women had been talked down to.”  Son John, MONTAG’s president, calls his mother “A force of nature” in her extensive community work.


John also likens his father Tony to an Orchestra Conductor and draws parallels between the symphony — with its many different sections and instruments — and the investment portfolios the firm manages.  What’s clear is that, yet again, the conductor’s baton has been passed from one generation to the next.


Enjoy a 4-minute discussion of MONTAG Wealth's 40-year history, in the very own words of co-founders Tony and Jackie Montag. 



    At MONTAG, we do things differently. We‘ve been a family-run business for nearly 40 years, and we still believe that our clients are best served by treating them as part of that family. We take the time to get to know you – what you’ve done to build your net worth, your investment philosophy, your financial questions and fears, and above all, your financial hopes. Every single client has their own unique story — a story that deserves more than a conversation with an anonymous voice. Contact our Business Development team today by calling 404.522.5774 or emailing [email protected] to get in touch.

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