Transitions at MONTAG – 2020 Departures

February 3, 2021
Montag & Associates, 1980's

An early photo from A. Montag & Associates (Marianne Shutzberg at left, Mike Jones seated at center)

We saw the departure of two important people at the beginning of the New Year.   Mikell Jones and Marianne Shutzberg retired as of 12/31/20.  Each served MONTAG faithfully since the 1980s, one for 36 years, one for 38 years.  Their expertise, instincts, patience, fortitude, well-developed senses of humor and industriousness have been exemplary.  We will miss them. In tribute, the firm has made donations to the Georgia Audubon Society (Mike is an avid birdwatcher) and to Skyland Trail and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (priority causes for Marianne), in addition to a few minor gifts for memory’s sake.  We expect to host a celebration sometime in 2021 to tribute them in person when circumstances permit.  For my personal written tribute to them each, click on their photos below.

— Ned Montag, CEO

  Marianne Shutzberg photo        Mikell Jones photo

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