The Benefits of a Family Business


MONTAG has always been a family business, a fact that is core to its identity.  Moreover, it’s a competitive advantage, as brothers John and Ned Montag make clear in this brief interview.  As the firm’s current leadership, having taken the reins from their parents who founded the firm, Ned and John discuss their emphasis on building a business that is profitable and growing, as well as sustainable and healthy. 

The Montag brothers are joined by veteran Portfolio Manager Randy Loving, CFA, and VP of Sales Larry Mendel, who share their unique perspectives on the benefits of a family business.  Randy discusses his journey from a large Atlanta-based corporation, in search of a family-run atmosphere—knowing that environment would be best not only for him, but even more importantly, for his clients.  Larry’s efforts are to help the firm grow — “That’s my job” — but is especially gratified by the firm’s charitable tradition, and its emphasis on giving back to the community.

These interviews reflect on the family culture at the core of MONTAG — “It’s very difficult for a multi-national corporation to ’cozy up’ to an individual, or to show that individual affection, or trust, or some level of integrity or doing right by them” Ned Montag explains.  He also reveals the “secret” of what makes a family business a success.  For John’s part, he closes with an emphasis on how the firm is more personable, and also “the loyalty aspect” — across families, and across generations.

Listen to a 4-minute introduction to our family-based culture and the benefits of a family business from the voices of MONTAG leadership. 



    At MONTAG, we do things differently. We‘ve been a family-run business for nearly 40 years, and we still believe that our clients are best served by treating them as part of that family. We take the time to get to know you – what you’ve done to build your net worth, your investment philosophy, your financial questions and fears, and above all, your financial hopes. Every single client has their own unique story — a story that deserves more than a conversation with an anonymous voice. Contact our Business Development team today by calling 404.522.5774 or emailing [email protected] to get in touch.