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Role and Control: The US Dollar

By CHRISTINE R. QUILLIAN, CFA, CFP® At MONTAG, our clients count on us to research and monitor a wide range of investments to steer their portfolio toward the goals they seek. The list of available securities is endless, as is … Read More

The Starting Point Matters A Lot

By CHRISTINE R. QUILLIAN, CFA, CFP® “Experience is a comb life gives you after you lose your hair.” – Judith Stern After stocks’ worst-ever start to a calendar year, now is a good time to remind ourselves why investors volunteer … Read More

High-class problem: Large realized capital gains

By CHRISTINE QUILLIAN, CFA, CFP® Like the monster under the bed, capital gains taxes loom large in investors’ minds.  Many investors have a tendency to hold on to stocks with large embedded capital gains because to sell or trim shares … Read More

A Financial Physics Framework

BY CHRISTINE QUILLIAN, CFA, CFP®   The market price at which something is bought or sold is everything in investing.  A stock’s price is a single number that expresses a collective view of investors’ knowledge and expectations about a company.   We … Read More