Making it Work: Tips for Training Your Dog Via Zoom


The Wall Street Journal in recent weeks has developed a series of articles they call MAKING IT WORK.  As the new coronavirus forces big changes in how we work, The Wall Street Journal has been looking at how different people are coping with the stresses and risks.

Making-it-Work-ThumbnailImagine our surprise and delight when on Monday, May 4th, we discovered that our own client – Richard Fischhof, a professional dog trainer – was the subject of the latest article in the MAKING IT WORK series.  Titled “Tips for Training Your Dog Via Zoom:  Sit, Stay, Don’t Lick the Screen”, the piece details creative and innovative ways in which Richard has been employing technology in his work helping customers and their dogs. Richard’s company is GOOD DOG ATLANTA.

In congratulating Richard for his appearance in the Monday WSJ edition, he brought our attention to an expanded article which had been released online over the weekend. We are pleased that he gave us permission to use his name and share this interesting article as a MONTAG blog post. Enjoy!