• MMT, or How Much is Too Much?

    As President Biden shepherds political support for an unprecedented level of government spending on a variety of programs described as “infrastructure” (roughly $4 billion at the moment), many members…

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  • The Long Wait for Chips

    In our “A Minute With MONTAG” series, we share recent changes in one of the many metrics we monitor: Computer chips

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  • Lasting Benefits

    Companies got very creative during the pandemic at using technology – usually a well-designed app – to keep people buying their product whether they were selling chicken wings or…

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  • Location, Location, Location

    In the latest of our “A Minute With MONTAG” series, we consider current events in the Real Estate market:

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  • Delta (not just the airline)

    The economy is opening up again, and with the jumpstart in a big demand for goods and services, companies are seeing a surge in business. That’s the good news.

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