A View of AI on Several Different Industries


Set in a futuristic and dystopian future, the classic science fiction film Blade Runner attempts to examine the moral implications of a race of genetically created super beings called Replicants.  As part of the plot, the main character, named Deckard, goes to see the creator of the Replicant beings, a captain of industry named Dr. Tyrell.   And during their initial exchange, Dr. Tyrell tells Deckard what the company motto is: “More Human than Human.”

At the time of its release, Blade Runner was much more fantasy than fact, but in today’s society we’ve seen an incredible leap forward in Artificial Intelligence and general technology, to the point where things that only seemed to exist in Hollywood can, and will, exist now.  More human than human, indeed.

Artifical Intelligence has proven to be revolutionary, but also a disruptor in many industries, and over the course of the next few weeks the MONTAG blog will take a look at a few of these industries, and some may not seem obvious to you at first.

Over the next month, we will take a look at how artificial intelligence has affected the fine art world, the fashion/modeling industry, the investment advisory space, and manufacturing companies’ contemplation of a “robot tax.”