Special Notice from MONTAG: Tax Form Mailing Schedule

Happy 2020!   With the new year comes tax preparation season for 2019 tax returns.  Our friends at Fidelity were kind enough to share the schedule below, which details the dates that various tax forms will be mailed in regard to 2019 income tax preparation.  We offer it to MONTAG clients as a helpful guide.

Form name Form description Activates online (on or before)
1099-Q (529s) Distributions from college savings accounts. 01/08/2020
5498-QA Contributions made to ABLE accounts. 01/16/2020
5498 Contributions and year-end market values of retirement accounts. Please note: Fidelity only delivers the January 5498 to clients in these circumstances:
• Is 69 ½ or older as of 12/31/18 that has a Traditional, Rollover, SEP or SIMPLE IRA
• Made a contribution, rollover, recharacterization, or conversion for the tax year in the tax year
• Inherited IRA BDA or Inherited IRA Roth BDA
• Holds hard to value assets (alternative investment promissory note, asset without pricing, ADR, or pink sheet)
1099-R, 1099-SA, 1099-QA Distributions from Retirement, Health Savings Accounts, or ABLE accounts. 01/16/2020
1099: 1st mailing (POP 1) Mutual Fund accounts Includes accounts holding Fidelity mutual funds only. 01/31/2020
1099: 1st mailing (POP 1) Brokerage accounts Includes brokerage accounts with holdings whose income do not require reclassification or additional information from issuers. Generally, this includes accounts holding options, certain equities, and fixed income securities. 01/25/2020
1099: 2nd mailing (POP 2) Brokerage Accounts Might include equities and fixed income securities, closed-end funds and non-Fidelity mutual funds where the issuer provided final tax information after the first mailing. 02/15/2020
1099 Informational Tax Statement (Info only) Contains supplemental tax reporting information for corporate and eligible exempt accounts. The details are not updated or reported to the IRS. 02/15/2020
1099: Preliminary Tax Statement (available online only) Provides a ‘point in time’ snapshot of reporting activity for clients scheduled in a later mailing. Includes a symbol/CUSIP for the list of positions, which are lacking final tax information.  Preliminary forms will be removed once the client’s original Form 1099 is generated 02/15/2020
1099: 3rd mailing (POP 3) Brokerage accounts Might include brokerage accounts holding unit investment trusts (UITs), real estate investment trusts (REITs). 02/29/2020
1042-S: nonretirement accounts Brokerage nonretirement accounts held by nonresident aliens (NRA). The form reports all U.S. source income distributions and NRA taxes withheld. 03/12/2020
1042-S: Retirement accounts (not available online) Brokerage retirement accounts held by nonresident aliens (NRA). The form reports retirement distributions and NRA taxes withheld. 03/15/2020
1099: 4th mailing (POP 4) Brokerage accounts Might include brokerage accounts holding unit investment trusts (UITs) and real estate investment trusts (REITs) in which final tax information was delayed from the issuer. Also includes mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and REMICs, in which final tax information from the issuer has been received. 03/06/2020
592-B Reports state tax withheld for residents of California. 01/18/2020
480.6 A Reports U.S. domestic taxable income, Puerto Rico (PR) taxable income without PR (foreign) source withholding, and all gross proceeds paid to PR residents. 02/26/2020
480.6 B Reports PR residents with PR source withholding for PR securities. 02/26/2020
480.6 C Reports Non-PR residents with PR source withholding for PR securities. 02/26/2020
480.6 D Reports PR source income, from PR debt instruments and dividend income, as reported on form 480.6B. 02/26/2020
2439 Undistributed long-term capital gains from a regulated investment company and taxes paid by the mutual fund. 03/10/2020
5500 AVS Keogh Money Purchase and Profit Sharing Plans Annual Valuation Statement. 04/21/2020
5498, 5498-SA (Spring) Retirement and Health Savings Account year-end market values and prior year contributions made between January 1 through April 15 of the following tax year. 05/06/2020





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