• Unpacking Recent Market Moves

    Market expectations of aggressive Fed rate hikes declined as the war broke out, reversing the “Value-beats-Growth” trade quickly, particularly the banks.  War, chaos, catastrophe sends people rushing to the…

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  • Events in Ukraine

    As the US market was reconciling potential interest rate increases from the Federal Reserve, Russia invaded Ukraine. Today, investor sentiment is about as negative as it gets when…

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  • Contrast MONTAG with a LARGE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION – Client Relations

    Our “A Minute With MONTAG” series introduces the next of a suite of comparisons we’ve dubbed “Contrast MONTAG with a LARGE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION” – this one considers all important…

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  • Long-Term Perspective

    In light of the recent market volatility we thought it would be worthwhile to remind investors that it is important to focus on the long-term when investing in the…

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  • Someone else’s home

    Why not take a moment to join us as our latest “A Minute With MONTAG” considers the ‘lighter side’ of today’s world?

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