• Supply… Meet Demand

    In a world that an Economist understands, and appreciates, is where “supply” meets “demand.”   Where these two intersect, in said Economist’s world, is perfect harmony for a free market. …

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  • MONTAG Viewpoints – Second Quarter, 2021

    Our firm’s latest take on markets, investing, current events, and more.  We hope you enjoy it as we cross the mid-year mark!

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  • People Power

    In our continuing “A Minute With MONTAG” series, Director of Marketing Operations Bill Lee gives his take on what makes our firm “tick”…

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  • Low Rates

    Our continuing “A Minute With MONTAG” series looks at the effects of ongoing low interest rates, with insights offered by the Research Team here at MONTAG:

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    Here’s an interesting topic for everyone: diversity and crowd sourcing. Diversity is a word often thrown about in terms of public policy and the need for representation from various…

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