Executive Breakfast Series (Summer 2017)

About MONTAG’s Executive Breakfast Series

In addition to the formal presentation (How Low Expectations Can Yield High Returns), several other MONTAG portfolio managers attend and are available for conversation and questions. These events tend to be collaborative and there is interactive discussion among those in attendance. Guests are encouraged to bring any questions on their minds.

Attendance is estimated at 25–35 people. We generally socialize 7:30–8 AM, while enjoying a Breakfast Buffet provided by MONTAG.  The presentation starts between 8-8:15 AM. Our programs generally end at 9 AM, but we stay as long as there is a discussion or questions from the group.

As networking is an important part of this assignment, we hand-select the list of candidates which we feel will not only appreciate our insights, but also enjoy getting to know each other.