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What is a Trusted Contact, and should I have one?

BY STACEY GODWIN, CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER Looking out for our clients’ best interest and being good stewards of their assets is our most important job.  One thing we can suggest to help in this regard is that our clients name … Read More

“A” is for… ADV

BY STACEY GODWIN, CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER If you’re a MONTAG client, you recently received notification about our annual Form ADV update.  If you’re not a client, you may be wondering what in the world an ADV is.  The Form ADV … Read More

Protecting Your Online Identity

BY STACEY GODWIN, CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER With the increasing number of people conducting all sorts of business and personal tasks electronically, cyber fraud and identity theft are growing at alarming rates.  Identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in … Read More

Protecting Clients Against Cybersecurity Threats

BY STACEY GODWIN, Chief Compliance Officer Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important focus for not only advisory firms, but for regulators as well. With data hacking and various schemes to defraud investors on the rise in recent years, ensuring the … Read More