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At MONTAG we apply our experience and best judgment to preserve and grow your capital. Your goals – present and future – anchor every investment decision we make.



Individualized Portfolios

Our portfolio managers collaborate as a team, sharing their best thinking to develop an optimal opportunity set for each client. Here, every single security in your portfolio is diligently selected in full light of your investment needs. At MONTAG, we make investment management about you.

Investment Manager-Client Relationship

A strong relationship between client and portfolio manager is the linchpin of success. We employ no third-party investment management professionals. Here, you have direct and continuous access to the people who make investment decisions on your behalf.

Solutions-Based Focus

Every client comes to us with specific needs, requirements and expectations when it comes to investment management. We balance your objectives for asset preservation and growth with your income needs and tolerance for risk.


Our fee-for-services compensation structure is transparent and straightforward. It eliminates the conflicts of interest inherent in transaction-driven commissions and the sale of investment products.


The nucleus of our investment management process is the close working relationship between portfolio manager and client.”

– Ned Montag, Chief Executive Officer


  • Louis Montag begins his career at Montag Brothers Paper Company in Atlanta.

  • Louis Montag photo

    Louis Montag starts Atlanta’s first independent advisory firm, Montag & Caldwell.

  • Young Tony Montag photo

    Louis’s son, Tony, joins his father’s firm.

  • Tony leaves Montag & Caldwell and joins Wood, Struthers & Winthrop.

  • Tony acquires the Atlanta office of Wood, Struthers & Winthrop and incorporates MONTAG.

  • Jackie and Tony 1980s

    Tony’s wife, Jackie, joins the team to lead MONTAG business development.

  • Facts and Finances for Women Cover

    MONTAG launches its popular semi-annual seminar, Facts & Finances for Women.

  • Ned & John Montag photo

    Tony’s sons, Ned and John, join their family’s growing firm to become CEO and CIO. The MONTAG Advisory Board is also created.

  • Image of the Georgia-Pacific Building

    MONTAG moves into Georgia-Pacific Center on the threshold of its 25th anniversary.

  • MONTAG celebrates its 30th anniversary, continuing to grow in AUM, clients and staff.

  • MONTAG M Logo

    A. Montag & Associates unveils bold new branding, now known as MONTAG Wealth Management – or more simply, MONTAG.

  • Tony Montag, our founder

    Founder Tony Montag retires, concluding a 60-year career, as MONTAG’s 40th anniversary nears

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