• It’s the old story…

    In our “A Minute With MONTAG” series, we share a little levity

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  • 9/11… 20 Years Later – A personal perspective

    The morning of September 11, 2001 was one of those tragic events in our lifetime we will never forget. Everyone remembers where they were, how they first heard, how…

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  • MMT, or How Much is Too Much?

    As President Biden shepherds political support for an unprecedented level of government spending on a variety of programs described as “infrastructure” (roughly $4 billion at the moment), many members…

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  • The Long Wait for Chips

    In our “A Minute With MONTAG” series, we share recent changes in one of the many metrics we monitor: Computer chips

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  • Lasting Benefits

    Companies got very creative during the pandemic at using technology – usually a well-designed app – to keep people buying their product whether they were selling chicken wings or…

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