Welcome to MONTAG’s “RECOVERY TRACKER” — a companion page to our “CRISIS TRACKER“, inaugurated March 13, 2020.  Amidst all the competing headlines relating to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and the economic destruction arising from the mass shutdowns, we felt that teasing out the “Green Shoots” of positive news would be helpful.  These will be related to states as they begin to relax social distancing policies and re-open businesses, federal government policy announcements, and other recovery-oriented developments and milestones.

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  • 05/01/20 (Friday) – Stay-at-home orders in parts of the U.S. expired at midnight, but uncertainty abounds
  • 05/02/20 (Saturday) – Buffett reassures the U.S. economy will recover steadily from the pandemic; Berkshire swung to a Q1 loss
  • 05/04/20 (Monday) – Trump:  U.S. will have a vaccine available by the end of 2020, several pharma companies are very close
  • 05/04/20 – State governors are being pulled between easing restrictions and extending them, as cases climb but at a slower rate
  • 05/04/20 – U.S. auto industry reopening, including KIA plant in West Point, GA – bringing 2,700 area workers back to work
  • 05/06/20 (Wednesday) – Pence said 41 states have announced plans to partially reopen, the remaining 9 to release plans soon
  • 05/06/20 – Trump said the White House coronavirus task force will remain in place, focusing on reopening the country
  • 05/07/20 (Thursday) – Germany announced a further phasing out of their lockdown, already among the lightest in Europe
  • 05/11/20 (Monday) – U.S. health regulators are developing proposals that would allow visitors to return to nursing homes
  • 05/11/20 – FDA approved Quidel antigen test to detect Covid-19 infections in minutes.  Scott Gottlieb called it a game-changer
  • 05/11/20 – State governors from New York to California take steps to reopen businesses
  • 05/11/20 – Mnuchin:  Government to look to make fixes to help restaurants and others participate in small business aid program
  • 05/13/20 (Wednesday) – Wisconsin’s high court struck down a stay-at-home order
  • 05/14/20 (Thursday) – CDC published guidance by posting six new one-page tools that advise businesses how to safely reopen
  • 05/14/20 – NYSE to open its trading floor later this month, two months after the coronaviris pandemic forced its closing
  • 05/19/20 (Tuesday) – Oil prices are staging a furious comeback, lifted by record supply cuts and a pickup in global fuel demand
  • 05/21/20 (Thursday) – Universal Orlando reopening plan would open park to some guests on June 3
  • 05/21/20 – New York public schools should begin preparing to reopen this fall as Cuomo plans to issue school guidelines in June
  • 05/26/20 (Tuesday) – S&P 500 back above 3,000 for the first time since March 5. NYSE floor reopens two months after shuttering

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What Might the Future Look Like?

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