Portfolio ManagementWe Create Individualized

At the beginning of a client relationship, MONTAG meets with the client, gathers information, and performs research and analysis as necessary to develop the client’s Investment Objectives. The Investment Objectives will be updated from time to time when requested by the client, or when determined to be necessary or advisable by MONTAG based on updates to the client’s financial or other circumstances.

To implement the client’s Investment Objectives, MONTAG will manage the client’s investment portfolio on a discretionary basis. As a discretionary investment adviser, MONTAG will have the authority to supervise and direct the portfolio without prior consultation with the client.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, clients may impose certain written restrictions on MONTAG in the management of their investment portfolios, such as prohibiting the inclusion of certain types of investments in an investment portfolio or prohibiting the sale of certain investments held in the account at the commencement of the relationship. Each client should note, however, that restrictions imposed by a client may adversely affect the composition and performance of the client’s investment portfolio. Each client should also note that his or her investment portfolio is treated individually by giving consideration to each purchase or sale for the client’s account. For these and other reasons, performance of client investment portfolios within the same investment objectives, goals and/or risk tolerance may differ and clients should not expect that the composition or performance of their investment portfolios would necessarily be consistent with similar clients of MONTAG.

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