MONTAG has endeavored to gather resources that may be of value in understanding fast-moving world events.  We don’t have all the answers, but we believe we have identified some organizations that are intelligent and have up-to-date information.  Consider the following links:


(Source:  Georgia Department of Health)

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  • 06/02/20 (Tuesday) – Dr. Fauci expressed cautious optimism that several vaccine candidates will prove effective to fight virus
  • 06/03/20 (Wednesday) – U.S. Coronavirus deaths 106,636 with 1.8 million confirmed infections
  • 06/11/20 (Thursday) – The Fed is seeing near-zero rates through 2022
  • 06/11/20 – Dow falls 1,800 points on risk of reinfections in TX, FL, CA and AZ.
  • 06/11/20 – Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said shutting down the economy for a second time isn’t a viable option
  • 06/11/20 – Growing fears of a surge in coronavirus infections sends Dow down over 1,800 points, or 6.9%
  • 06/11/20 – MONTAG publishes blog post THE RURAL LIFE – Pandemic Edition, by Bill Lee
  • 06/12/20 (Friday) – Some U.S. states spared early are seeing record hospitalizations, causing concern about relaxed curbs
  • 06/15/20 (Monday) – Repeated changes to the Paycheck Protection Program are complicating the loan-forgiveness process
  • 06/15/20 – China shut down parts  of Beijing and adopted tight controls after record number of Covid-19 infections
  • 06/15/20 – Auto makers are grappling with absent U.S. factory workers and Covid-19 cases at reopened plants
  • 06/15/20 – The Oscars ceremony will be delayed two months to April 25 and the eligibility period is being extended
  • 06/15/20 – The FDA revoked emergency-use authorization for chloroquine and hydrocloroquine for use with Covid-19
  • 06/16/20 – Dexamethasone, a cheap & widely used steroid, has become the first drug shown to be able to save Covid-19 lives
  • 06/16/20 – Dexamethasone hailed as a ‘major breakthrough’, reduced death rates by a third among severely ill patients
  • 06/16/20 – Fauci warned that the nation risks a resurgence of coronavirus infections should states fail to remain vigilant
  • 06/16/20 – Hilton said it is cutting 22% of its corporate staff and will extend other austerity measures
  • 06/16/20 – FED’s Powell told a Senate panel economy faces potentially significant long-term damage despite recent signs
  • 06/17/20 – Chinese officials cancelled hundreds of flights in and out of Beijing, restricted movement and renewed closures
  • 06/18/20 – The number of workers applying for and receiving jobless benefits has stabilized at historically high levels
  • 06/18/20 – Americans have skipped payments on more than 100 million student and auto loans, other debts since the virus hit
  • 06/18/20 – MONTAG publishes THE WORLD’S GREATEST RACE, by Chris Guinther, to its blog
  • 06/19/20 – Early testing data suggests that recent public protests haven’t yet led to a marked uptick in infections
  • 06/19/20 – Apple said that it would again close nearly a dozen stores across four states where coronavirus cases have climbed
  • 06/19/20 – The Dow turned lower after Apple’s decision, ending down 0.8%.  S&P 500 fell .06% while Nasdaq posted slight gain
  • 06/22/20 – Baseball’s labor battle, surge in coronavirus cases in FL & elsewhere, have left dwindling options for a 2020 season
  • 06/22/20 – Giant companies are husbanding cash while they gauge when to spend more once the recovery begins in earnest
  • 06/22/20 – Health experts worry that coronavirus vaccines in development will adequately protect elderly people
  • 06/22/20 – Existing home sales fell 9.7% in May from the prior month, but low interest rates are luring buyers in recent weeks
  • 06/22/20 – Trump issues executive order suspending a slate of employment-based visas, pandemic requires stricter policies
  • 06/26/20 – True number of Americans infected with COVID-19 may top 20 million… for every 1 reported, 10 go unreported

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