MONTAG has endeavored to gather resources that may be of value in understanding fast-moving world events.  We don’t have all the answers, but we believe we have identified some organizations that are intelligent and have up-to-date information.  Consider the following links:

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  • 05/01/20 – President Trump threatens to initiate new tariffs against China in response to the coronavirus pandemic
  • 05/04/20 – Trump: The U.S. will have a vaccine available by the end of 2020, several pharma companies are very close
  • 05/04/20 –  Officials are finding many imported N95-style masks fall short of U.S. certification standards
  • 05/04/20 – State governors pulled between easing restrictions and extending them, cases continue to climb, but at a lower rate
  • 05/04/20 – The FDA cleared for emergency use a Covid-19 antibody test from diagnostics giant Roche
  • 05/04/20 – FDA imposing rigorous precision standards on companies offering antibody tests,, cracking down on bad actors
  • 04/04/20 – Venerable preppy retailer J. Crew filed for bankruptcy protection, succumbing to the downturn
  • 05/04/20 – 1,180,288 cases and 68,922 deaths in the U.S.  Worldwide deaths exceed 250,000
  • 05/05/20 (Tuesday) – Pfizer announced that its experimental coronavirus vaccine, BNT162, began human testing in the U.S.
  • 05/05/20 – More than 100 vaccines were in development globally as of April 30, with 8 candidates already in human trials
  • 05/05/20 – U.S. government expects to borrow record 4.5T this fiscal year, battling deepest downturn since Great Depression
  • 05/05/20 – United Airlines expects to shrink its ranks of management and administrative employees by at least 30%
  • 05/06/20 (Wednesday) -ICE working with 3M, Amazon, Pfizer, others to curtail a flood of counterfeit medical gear entering U.S.
  • 05/06/20 – French Doctors discovered a coronavirus case dating from late December in a man who was hospitalized near Paris
  • 05/06/20 – Researchers have begun giving healthy U.S. volunteers an experimental coronavirus vaccine by Pfizer and BioNTech
  • 05/07/20 (Thursday) – U.S. Covid-19 deaths pass 75,000
  • 05/07/20 – MONTAG posts blog MAKING IT WORK:  TRAINING YOUR DOG VIA ZOOM, link to WSJ article
  • 05/07/20 – The Eurozone economy will suffer “a recession of historic proportions this year”, EU officials predict
  • 05/07/20 – U.S.-China relations have deteriorated rapidly in recent weeks, with fewer shared interests, growing list of conflicts
  • 05/07/20 – FDA cleared its coronavirus vaccine for a phase 2 trial with 600 participants, finalizing plans for phase 3
  • 05/11/20 (Monday) – White House personnel begin wearing masks when on the premises, 2 months after the crisis began
  • 05/11/20 – The U.S. coronavirus death toll surpassed 80,000 as state governors from NY to CA rake steps toward reopening
  • 05/11/20 – The NY Fed said one of its emergency support facilities will begin buying corporate-bond exchange-traded funds
  • 05/12/20 (Tuesday) – Fauci, others emphasized to senators testing, caution, before easing lockdowns – risks to continue into fall
  • 05/13/20 (Wednesday) – House Democrats released the text of their $3 trillion HEROES Act
  • 05/13/20 – Wisconsin’s high court struck down a stay-at-home order
  • 05/13/20 – A monthly Wall Street Journal survey found that economists expect the U.S. unemployment rate to hit 17% in June
  • 05/14/20 (Thursday) – Chinese hackers are trying to steal intellectual property related to coronavirus treatments and vaccines
  • 05/15/20 (Friday) – The FDA is cautioning public about reliability of widely used coronavirus rapid test from Abbott Labs
  • 05/15/20 – Pandemic is expected to accelerate a shakeout among retailers already battered by shift to online shopping
  • 05/15/20 – Study: Covid-19 patients who received blood plasma transfusions from recovered patients indicates therapy is safe
  • 05/18/20 (Monday) – Coronavirus vaccine from Moderna shows early signs of viral immune response
  • 05/18/20 – Dow Jones finishes session up over 900 points
  • 05/20/20 (Wednesday) – National restaurant chains and other stable businesses are prodding landlords for rent relief
  • 05/21/20 (Thursday) – The number of confirmed cases passed 5 million worldwide, experts warn true count is likely higher
  • 05/21/20 – Trump’s Operation Warp Speed accelerates AstraZeneca vaccine, AZD1222, to be available as early as October
  • 05/25/20 (Monday)  Novavax launched phase 1 trials for its potential vaccine, hopes to have doses approved and ready by end of year
  • 05/26/20 (Tuesday) – Merck enters the vaccine race announcing partnership with IAVI
  • 05/26/20 – Mercedes Benz joins Google, Facebook and Amazon in allowing employees to continue working from home through year end
  • 05/26/20 – S&P 500 back above 3,000 for the first time since March 5. NYSE floor reopens two months after shuttering
  • 5/26/20 – Dr. Scott Gottleib “we now see a trend in an uptick in hospitalizations, small but unmistakable following reopenings”
  • 05/27/20 (Wednesday) – U.S. Coronavirus deaths surpass 100,000

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