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  • 04/01/20 (Wednesday) – U.S. intelligence concluded that China was in fact underreporting cases and deaths in the country
  • 04/01/20 – Reuters reports a Chinese county in the Henan province was put on lockdown following several new cases
  • 04/02/20 (Thursday) – President Trump is considering stopping flights from going to and from certain coronovirus “hot spots”
  • 04/03/20 (Friday) – “Never have we witnessed the world economy come to a standstill,” IMF director Kristalina Georgieva
  • 04/03/20 – Dr. Anthony Fauci warns we shouldn’t assume Hydroxychloroquine is a ‘knockout drug’ as NY began 1st trials
  • 04/03/20 – Paycheck protection program (PPP), $349b of the $2t Coronavirus rescue package, “CARES” Act, begins
  • 04/05/20 (Weekend) – NY deaths levels off for 3 days; Sunday marked the first drop.  New hospitalizations drop in NY as well
  • 04/05/20 – Bill Gates:  “If we do social distancing properly, we should be able to get out with a death number well short of that”
  • 04/05/20 – CDC recommends people wear cloth masks or face coverings in public to help stop Coronavirus spread
  • 04/06/20 (Monday) – Japan pledges stimulus  package equal to 20% of output, just under $1T, 2X their total ’09 stimulus
  • 04/06/20 – Morgan Stanley:  “The worst is behind us with the most attractive risk-reward in years, it’s time to buy stocks”
  • 04/06/20 – Wall Street stages explosive rally, powering Dow up nearly 1,600 points
  • 04/07/20 (Tuesday) – Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation updates daily US COVID-19 model; projecting deaths 49-136K
  • 04/07/20 Dr. Anthony Fauci: US might never go back to what it considered “normal” before Coronavirus vaccine is developed
  • 04/08/20 (Wednesday) – PPP is running out of money so Treasury asked for another $250b
  • 04/08/20 – Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation updates daily US model; death guidance lowered again to 31.2-126.7K
  • 04/08/20 – Fauci “If tests show you recovered and you feel well, it’s back to normal and “hug the heck out of your grandmother”
  • 04/09/20 (Thursday) – FED will purchase up to $500B of short-term notes directly from states, counties and cities
  • 04/09/20 – MONTAG makes blog THE STARTING POINT MATTERS A LOT, by Christine Quillian, CFA, CFP®
  • 04/09/20 – FED announces $2.3T to support the economy. $600B in “main street lending fund” in support of businesses
  • 04/09/20 – 6.6M new unemployed claims filed with the states, bringing the total job losses in less than a month to 16.8M
  • 04/09/20 – U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates demand for fuel in the U.S. is down 50% in March vs. prior year
  • 04/13/20 (Monday) – Trump’s virus testing czar:  U.S. will be in the “ballpark” of the diagnostic capacity it needs by May
  • 04/14/20 (Tuesday) – India extends lockdown through May 3
  • 04/15/20 – 10 of 12 major U.S. airlines reached agreement with Treasury on federal grants keep airline workers on the job
  • 04/16/20 (Thursday) – 5.0 million more Americans have filed for unemployment last week, totaling 16.5m in 3 weeks
  • 04/16/20 – Trump said yesterday that the U.S. had passed the peak of new cases
  • 04/16/20 – Remdesivir preliminary results from Chicago study are positive with rapid recoveries, patients discharged in days
  • 04/17/20 – Political pressure is building on governors to relax measures with protests rising in states across the country
  • 04/18-19/20 (Weekend) – More than 97% of the US population is currently under a stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order
  • 04/18-19/20 – This coming week will be about therapeutics, as we hear results from the HCQ trial in NY and a Remdesivir trial
  • 04/18-19/20 – President Trump has indicated many states can reopen by May 1
  • 04/18-19/20 – Governors forming pacts and plans with a focus on expanding testing & tracking contacts of the infected
  • 04/20/20 (Monday) – Oil trading down 28%(-$13), near 40y lows as weak demand + excess supply = massive surpluses
  • 04/23/20 (Thursday) – New unemployment claims hit 4.4m last week
  • 04/23/20 – Study of 2,600 NY city area patients found 88% death rate of those placed on ventilators to help them breathe
  • 04/23/20 – Cuomo says NY may have a 14% statewide infection rate. 10x higher likely cases… meaning much lower mortality
  • 04/23/20 – USC and Stanford studies show possibility that actual infection rates are 28-85 times higher than reported
  • 04/24/20 (Friday) – Cases top 2.7m; deaths > 191,000 worldwide.  U.S. 883,826 confirmed cases, 50,300 deaths
  • 04/24/20 – President Donald Trump signed a $484 billion spending package that includes more money for small businesses
  • 04/27/20 (Monday) – MONTAG posts blog A GLOBAL CRISIS ‘UNLIKE ANY OTHER by Tom Frisbie, CFA
  • 04/27/20 – Boeing CEO says air traffic may not bounce back for two or three years
  • 04/28/20 (Tuesday) – U.S. government data:  Air traffic down 95%, with many airline employees laid off or furloughed
  • 04/28/20 – A dozen of America’s top scientists, billionaires and industry titans teaming to mount Manhattan Project for Covid-19
  • 04/28/20 – President Trump announces plan to test 2% of population for coronavirus every month
  • 04/28/20 – Central bank expands its $500 billion loan program provideing short-term credit to state and local governments
  • 04/29/20 (Wednesday) – 1Q real GDP dropped -4.8% versus last year same quarter, the biggest decline since 2008
  • 04/29/20 – Trump invoked DPA, orders meat-processing plants to continue, declaring them critical infrastructure
  • 04/29/20 – Reported deaths from coronavirus in the U.S. passed 60,000
  • 04/29/20 – Data from drug trial testing Gilead’s Remdesivir is “quite good news”, sets a new care standard for Covid-19 patients
  • 04/29/20 – Fauci said Wednesday that a second wave of infections is “inevitable” in the United States
  • 04/30/20 (Thursday) – Fauci said that a vaccine in January was in the realm of possibility
  • 04/30/20 – NIH release: Preliminary results indicate that patients who received Remdesivir had a 31% faster recovery
  • 04/30/20 -President Trump threatens to initiate new tariffs against China in response to the coronavirus pandemic
  • 04/30/20 – Protesters against coronavirus restrictions, some bearing arms, made their way into the Michigan Capital Building
  • 04/30/20 – WSJ:  Virus Shrinks Economy by 4.8% – GDP falls at fastest pace since ’08, recession likely
  • 04/30/20 – April was best month for stocks in decades:  S&P up 13%, DJIA up 11%, NASDAQ up 15%

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