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By Chris Guinther, Senior Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager   Let’s begin by noting the 2022 fourth quarter’s market numbers, and those for the year in full, as of December 31:     As these numbers make plain, 2022 saw poor … Read More

Equity Outlook

CHRIS GUINTHER, Senior Equity Strategist and Portfolio Manager It’s 2022, not 2020, and my opinion is the odds that stocks will do well have fallen significantly.  After two really strong economic years during the Covid period, the Federal Reserve has … Read More

The World’s Greatest Race

BY CHRIS GUINTHER   The race to develop a Covid-19 vaccine is on… and we are optimistic about a solution within a year. With more than 6 million confirmed Covid-19 cases worldwide and the number increasing daily, the race for … Read More

POT: It’s a real industry & Canada is pushing it

BY CHRIS GUINTHER Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001, but legal recreational use took longer to catch on. Public attitudes have changed and last year, Canada introduced legislation to allow recreational use. On Oct. 17, Canada joined … Read More

TARIFF WARS: Where Are We? Will History Repeat?

BY CHRIS GUINTHER President Trump is standing firm in a tariff battle with China, having imposed tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from most countries in the world. Further, he is threatening to pull out of an existing trade … Read More