Please describe MONTAG’s research process, methods of analysis, and investment strategies.

April 20, 2022

In accordance with the Investment Objectives established for the client, MONTAG generally conducts research based upon which it selects individual common stocks, mutual funds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and various taxable and tax-exempt fixed income investments.

In making selections of individual stocks for client portfolios, MONTAG may use a variety of methods of analysis, primarily fundamental and technical analysis.  Fundamental Analysis involves review of the business and financial information about an issuer such as an initial and ongoing review of the management, products, marketing effort, internal organization, financial structure and industry and competitive environment in which the company operates.  Analysis of such items is systematically applied to alternative companies and industries, with a heavy emphasis on quantitative methods. Factors generally considered include (a) financial strength ratios; (b) price-to-earnings ratios; (c) dividend yields; and (d) growth rate-to-price earnings ratios.

MONTAG also makes use of Technical Analysis, which involves studying past price patterns and trends in the financial markets to predict the direction of both the overall markets and specific stocks.

For more information on MONTAG’s research process, methods of analysis, and investment strategies, see the firm’s ADV Part 2 Brochure – specifically Item 8 on pages 5-7.

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